The Waacktitioners

'The UK's Leading Waacking Crew'

Tin Mantis

The man behind the name "Waacktitioners" was at first a reluctant figurehead for the group, having a reputation as a bboy and director of B-Better hiphop education company, however, through B-Better inviting Frankie Douglas of The Waackers to teach in London, the group was born!

TinManTis is recognised internationally as the ambassador of the group owing to his participation in discussion, competition and promotion of the waacking style. He is also one of the organisers of 'WAAVO' international waacking and voguing jam and a reputed host of prestigious dance events.

Individual Waacking Credits:

March 2010: Waack or Fall Back international battle, finalist

July 2010: 'Old Spice Dance Challenge' (youtube)

August 2010: 'Beat Breaking Boy' video (Artist Ruby Goe)

November 2010: 'The Mantis & The Movie Star (solo show)

January 2011: Street Star international waacking battle, finalist

February 2012: Winner of WAACK DATE battle.  

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