The Waacktitioners

'The UK's Leading Waacking Crew'

The Prince Of England

Given the name “The Prince of England” as someone described him as “the most English person in the underground dance scene”. From that point the name stuck, and a great journey began. Spending 2 years taking this style serious. He has travelled to many countries going to dance events, jams and learning from the “OG’s” and Pioneers in this style. He teaches Workshops around the UK, but you will mainly find him sharing, jamming and getting it in, in the Club. 

He has been in Numerous West end Shows, Films and Commercials. Working with Kryptic Movement most recently on Got to Dance and Bollywood Movie “Someday” 

Known internationally for waacking. Did you know The Prince also Vogues? So watch out as he will be entering competitions by the end of the year 2011. 

For now that’s all you get to know about him… But be sure to listen out when he’s teaching workshops. 

Winner of 'Survival Of The Waackest' , Denmark May 2011.