The Waacktitioners

'The UK's Leading Waacking Crew'

Mademoiselle Ginger

Ginger started dancing at the age of 7 when she moved from France to London. In 2009 she discovered Waacking and quickly became obsessed. With the birth of The Waacktitioners (the first ever U.K Waacking Cew) came a whole new passion for dance!


In her first year of Waacking, Mlle Ginger was the only U.K Waacker  taking part in the 1st ever B.Supreme Waacking battle and made it to the final. The love of Battling began ! Since then, Ginger has competed in many Battles in the U.K, Europe and the U.S  and hosts her own event in London: Waack Date. 

She has recently 
taught Waacking in Cardiff, Oxford, Ely and London. She hopes to carry on teaching in the U.K but also abroad. 

Ginger loves to teach and has been teaching for nearly 10 years already (R.A.D Ballet) children of the age of 3 all the way to adults ! 

*Ginger teaches Waacking open class weekly at Dance Station Richmond, Thursdays 7.30- 8.30pm 

Before Waacking, Ginger was known as "Shawty" of Laurence Olivier Award Winning Boy Blue Entertainment. Boy Blue gave her numerous amounts of opportunities to perform on stage, TV and abroad.

Battle Credits include:  
WAAVO 4.0, - 1st Place

WAACK DATE- 1st Place

Throwdown  - 1st Place

Street Talent (Funkin' Stylez UK) - 1st Place

W.H.E.S (Italy) - 1st Place 


Show Credits include:
Lovebox Festival, Move it, Dancers Delight, B.Supreme, Breakin' the Bay - Cardiff, Magic Disco Machine, The Passions of Girls Aloud - ITV3, Breakin' Convention, Latitude Festival and many more. 

Choreography Credits include: 

Waacking for MJ Timeless in Blackpool, The Waacktitioners SAS and Move it , Spectre Videon "Into the Jungle"